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General Information

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Welcome to the website of Just Jason Dance Company. I organise Salsa classes, parties & socials in Maastricht. Helping me teach these dance-classes are Saartje, Loes, Melissa, Boukje, Ayla, Esther, Simone as well as Roald & Carmen. I currently also teach in Aachen on Saturday with Yuting. Check out the website of Dance Fusion Aachen for more information on the classes in Aachen.

We pride ourselves to represent Salsa not just with classes that are rooted in solid technical know-how, but also in the homey and “loose” feel we have in everything we do. We provide 2 levels of Bachata and 5 levels of Salsa on different days of the week. All of them built with solid techniques and an informal & fun atmosphere.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

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Dance-partner needed?

No, you do not need a dance-partner to sign up!
We have a system in place to provide you with a dance-partner.
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All classes are €60 for 8 weeks (1 class a week)
We have extra pricing options available
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All Just Jason classes in Maastricht are taught in partnership with dance-center Bernaards.
The address is
Brusselsestraat 97

Sign up?

Fill in the form on the website to sign up for the classes
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Do I need to sign up for the try-out class?

No you don’t need to sign up for the try-out class, you can just drop by to try out and sign up for the course afterwards
Signing up guarantees you a spot in the course if classes are too full
Every first class of a course is considered a try-out/open day

New classes start on:

Tuesday November 15th
Wednesday November 16th
Thursday November 17th
Friday November 18th
Sunday September 20th

All 1st classes of a course are considered open days

Also, note that you don’t need to sign up for the free try-out class, but people that have signed up for the classes already get priority when the classes are too full.

  • 20:00 Salsa Advanced 2
  • 21:00 Salsa Advanced 1
  • 22:00 Salsa Styling
  • 20:00 Salsa Intermediate 2
  • 21:00 Salsa Choreography
  • 22:00 Zouk!
  • 20:00 Salsa Intermediate 1
  • 21:00 Salsa Beginners
  • 22:00 Salsa Intermediate 2
  • 20:00 Salsa Beginners
  • 21:00 Bachata all levels
  • 22:00 Salsa Intermediate
  • 16:00 Salsa Intermediate 2
  • 17:00 Salsa Advanced

Check for pricing and ticket system

  • 14:00 Bachata Dominicana
  • 15:00 Salsa LA/PR

Sign-ups will take place at the classes themselves

  • I run it, so obviously I think it’s good.


  • Bij verre de beste dansschool in Maastricht!


  • Zeer professioneel, heerlijke sfeer. Kortom: Top!


  • Super leraar, socials en salsa feesten!


  • Got my fun back in salsa thanks to Jason his classes!


  • A bun no todo.


  • Beste dansschool en salsa socials van maastricht.


  • Great parties!!


  • Just Jason parties are always a good idea and well worth the 90 minutes drive. But this one was especially awesome!! Thank you!!


  • Jawel, alweer n topavond bij Just Jason @ Bernaards te Maastricht, nietwaar Richard?


  • Inderdaad een top avond! Een avond vol plezier en genot!


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