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Just Jason Dance Company
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La Onda

About us

Quality & Fun!

We are the in-house Salsa school at dance-center Bernaards

We organize Salsa classes, -parties and -socials in Maastricht. 

Team Jason consists of Jason, Loes, Melissa, Boukje, Simone, Patrick, Laura & Esther. We also teach in Aachen on Monday for Dance Fusion Aachen, on Fridays in Balen for Flam&co and in Genk on Sundays.

We pride ourselves to represent Salsa with a unique and effective structure, but we take the most pride in our trademark "Just Jason" atmosphere. 

At this point we provide 1 level of Bachata and 5 levels of Salsa. All of them structured with solid techniques and an informal & above all fun atmosphere.

What we do

Quality & Fun

Come check out our unique blend of quality & structured classes layered with a bunch of fun!

People First

We are very proud of our people first approach in our classes and company


Come take advantage of Jason's 15+ years teaching experience and a combined team experience of more than 30 years of teaching

Choose use

We have taught thousands of people, so come see why many choose and continue to choose us!



Temporary solo classes start on November 26th


Please note that we have to follow stricter regulations than usual due to COVID-19.

This means that we can not allow more than 10 people per class!

Please  consider online payment to minimize our risk


Please note that all classes in Maastricht have moved to Kumulus: St Maartenspoort 2


  • 19:00 Bachata beginners/intermediate footwork & styling (men & ladies)
  • 20:00 Salsa beginners/intermediate footwork & styling (men & ladies)
  • 21:00 Salsa intermediate/advanced footwork & styling (men & ladies)
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Course Prices Solo classes


One course €35

Two courses €65

All courses €90


All our courses are 1 hour week for 8 weeks


You get €5 discount when taking two courses and three courses or more cost €90. Existing JJ dancers get a €10 discount per person they recommend that sign up


You only pay for your highest Salsa-level. Bachata & Choreography are separate courses


Online payment




St. Maartenspoort 2

6221 BA



Poolse club Krakow

Zonnebloemstaat 58

3600, Genk

We are also in-school teachers at Dance Fusion Aachen in Germany and Flam & co in Belgium



Do I need a dance partner?

Because of COVID-19 we  need to ask everybody to sign up with a dance-partner. Fortunately we have a group we've been using since the start for exactly this purpose

To find a dance partner, join our Facebook groups:

Facebook group for Maastricht

Facebook group for Genk

How much does it cost?

Our courses are €40 for 4 weeks (1 class a week).
We offer discounts for multiple classes.

Click here for the current prices and more information.

Where can I sign up?

Click here to Sign up!

Remember though that you don't have to sign up for the trial class.

Do I need to sign up for the trial class?

Every first class of a course is considered a trial/open day.

You don’t need to sign up for the try out class, you can just drop by and sign up for the course afterwards. Signing up does guarantee you a spot in the course if classes are too full and gives you a  better chance at finding a dance partner.

Where do you teach?

Our address in Maastricht

Dance & Partycenter Bernaards

Brusselsestraat 97

6211PD, Maastricht

Our address in Genk

Poolse club Krakow

Zonnebloemstraat 57

3600, Genk

Private classes

Want to spice up your dancing? Looking for more details? Need some help with you technique? Want to learn a choreography? Or just want to pump in some more hours into your dancing? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I can help you better your social dancing, get ready for that opening dance, or learn a choreography.

Feel free to contact us for pricing and information.


Looking to spice up your event with some dancing? We have taught hundreds of workshops for a variety of events both personal & corporate.

Send us an email for bookings and more information

DJ Jason

DJ Jason is a versatile DJ with Caribbean roots. Not only does he have extensive knowledge on Salsa, Bachata & Caribbean rhythms but is als known to be able to get a mixed crowd dancing as well. Having done hundreds of parties, weddings & events which have a mixed crowd of Salsa dancers and regular club-goers we can confidently say that DJ Jason can always get a party going!

Email us for bookings.us for bookings.us for bookings.us for bookings.

Our events

La Onda

La Onda

We started a group in 2016, motivated to becoming better dancers, better performers. We called this group: La Onda. This means "the ripple" since we hope to spread our love for this dance and our message like a ripple in the water.​
​And our message is:

​Always keep growing, always have fun!

​We have since worked hard to grow as a team and tell our stories through dance. So come see us soon!

Our Promos