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Salsa & Bachata classes in Maastricht, Genk & Balen

Quality & Fun!

Just Jason dance company is the in-house Salsa school at dance-center Bernaards

We organize anything Salsa & Bachata in Maastricht & Genk. 

We also used to teach in Aachen for Dance Fusion Aachen, and  still teach for Dans&co in Balen.

We pride ourselves to represent our dance styles with a unique and effective structure, but we take the most pride in our trademark "Just Jason" atmosphere. 

We provide several levels of Salsa & Bachata, all of them structured based on solid techniques and an informal & above all fun atmosphere.

For beginning dancers
What we do

  Quality & Fun

Come check out our unique blend of quality & structured classes layered with a bunch of fun!

  People First

We are very proud of our people first approach in our classes and company


Come take advantage of Jason's 18+ years teaching experience and a combined team experience of more than 30 years of teaching

  Choose us

We have taught thousands of people, so come see why many choose and continue to choose us!

For experienced dancers
What we stand for

  Our Structure

We don't just teach patterns, we teach the techniques and intent behind these patterns. We want you to understand, not just copy.


Our levels and teachings fully comply to international standards.


Fun! That's our philosophy. We understand that some people love social dancing while others want to keep pushing their level. We want to be a home to all types of dancers.


Our goal is to create a community of dancers who are not concerned about style or level, but just love dancing.


Our next trial period is from November 26th- December 1st.

Updated December 1st 2023
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Our Teachers

Man Teng


Jason, the owner of Just Jason dance company has been active as a teacher for almost 20 years now. Everybody in team Jason has directly or indirectly been trained by him. This way Just Jason is guaranteed to keep to quality classes and the "people first" mentality.

Quality & Fun will make all the difference



Boukje has grown exponentially since joining Just Jason in it's early days. Beyond helping to keep Just Jason on track with several administrative tasks as well as course planning, both practical and concerning class structure, she is also the trainer for all of Just Jason's show & training groups. She is also a member of Just Jason's showteam: La Onda.



Loes has been here since the inception of Just Jason dance company. From it's humble beginnings to what it is now. She usually teaches the Belgian classes, helps out with administration, planning and getting Jason to be on time. She is also part of Just Jason's showteam: La Onda.



Esther is one of the teachers at Just Jason dance company. Since joining Just Jason it has been a great privelage to see her love for teaching dance grow as big as her love for dancing itself. She is also part of our Semi-pro team.



Isa was at Just Jason at the start, left for a year, came back and has since been one of the staples at Just Jason. She joined several Student choreography projects, jumped in at several classes as a leader or follower where needed and is usually taking care of student registrations during open days. She is now part of our semi-pro team and teaches in Aachen with Jason. 



Melissa, Jason's girlfriend has literally been here from the start. Jason & Melissa started dating while Just Jason dance company was still just a concept.  Jason & Melissa both were the very first and only two teachers at Just Jason for a couple of months. She took a break from teaching to focus on other things including studying, but the dancing never left her. She is slowly taking up teaching responsibilities again and is part of our new training team.

Man Teng

Man Teng

Man Teng has been taking almost all classes as leader & follower at Just Jason and has been jumping in as dance-partner for multiple classes.

She is now part of the semi-pro team and teaches together with Jonathan



Jonathan is the newest addition to the Just Jason teacher team. He has been part of the first Training team and is now part of the Just Jason semi-pro team. 

Having taught beginners 1 & 2 under the guidance of Jason he is now teaching on his own. 

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